We are a family of different ages and characters and it was our first visit to Wales. We asked  Mrs Roberts to plan our trip at very short notice, even though our trip was during a high-season period of vacation, the plan she arranged was perfect, whether it was the attractions we visited or the easy and extremely comfortable transportation she arranged.

Regardless of the difference in ages and character every single person had an astonishing time on that memorable trip. In addition to that, Mrs Roberts was so patient with us and active, we are honored that Mrs Roberts became a part of our family during that trip we felt warmth around her…

Alquattan family, Kuwait, June 2018

 Thank you for your wonderful patience, energy and positive spirit  made our journey easier and more enjoyable than we had  imagined. You are indeed a treasure and we are blessed that we have   had the opportuity to know you.

                                                                                                    Diller, Pheonix, Arizona, United States of America, July 2018

Thank you for the most wonderful tour experience. Your kindness and generosity have not gone unnoticed. We’ve so enjoyed our time with you and truly appreciate all you have done for PGC!

        PGC Cantabile 2017-2018, United States of America, July 2018

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