More numbers in Welsh – Mwy o rhifau yn y Gymraeg

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More numbers in Welsh – Mwy o rhifau yn y Gymraeg

How to count / Sut i gyfri

Its tens are:

Number Welsh Pronounced
20 Dauddeg(mutated dd) Dietheck
30 Trideg Treedeck
40 Pedwardeg Pedwardeck
50 Pumdeg Pimdeck
60 Chwedeg Chwedeck
70 Saithdeg Saithdeck
80 Wythdeg Withdeck
90 Nawdeg Nowdeck


Traditional Welsh uses the vigesimal system, hence based on twenty and its multiples, rather than on ten and its multiples (the decimal system otherwise used). It is still used to express age and years, but is replaced by the decimal system for its ease to learn for English-speaking people.

Number Welsh Pronounced
20 ugain eegain
30 Deg ar hugain (ten on twenty) Deck ar heegain
40 Deugain (two twenties) Diegain
50 Hanner cant (half hundred) Haaneer kant
60 Triugain (three twenties) Tree-eegain
70 Deg ar Thrigain (ten on three twenties) Deck ar three-eegain
80 Pedwar ugain (four twenties) Pedwar eegain
90 Deg a phedwar ugain

(ten on four twenties)

Deck a phedwar eegain



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