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Gwyl Dewi Sant/ St David’s Day

Gwyl Dewi Sant/ St David’s Day

1af Mawrth/ 1st March

On the 1st March, Wales will be celebrating its Nation Day, This day is named after St David our patron saint and in Welsh it is Gwyl Dewi Sant (pronounced: Guil Deue Cant)

St David’s Day is an important date for the Welsh people as it allows us to celebrate our national culture and traditions with each other, our communities and our world. Although, as yet not a public holiday.

Traditional Festival

St David’s Day is definitely the day to wear the Welsh national costume, children especially can wear their red, black and white dress and the girls their tall black hat on this occasion. There’s lots of singing and dancing, and of course speaking Welsh – siarad Cymraeg

There’s a tradition in Wales to wear a daffodil or a leek (Wales’s traditional emblems) on St David’s Day, The ritual of wearing a leek comes from the legend that St David ordered soldiers to wear leeks on their helmets before fighting the Saxons, who went on to secure victory. He is also depicted holding a leek. So remember to wear a daffodil or a leek to show your support to all things Welsh.

Traditional things to eat

On St David’s Day, communities would gather together to share a traditional meal of cawl (koul), which is a meat based stew made with root vegetables, leeks and served with a chunk of bread and cheese (Welsh cheese of course). Alternatively, there’s a hearty leek and potato soup. Welsh rarebit (no rabbits or bunnies involved in the making of this tasty lunch) take some Welsh cheese, from Caerphilly, Cenarth, or the Lleyn peninsular mixed with home brewed beer and spread on thick slice of toasted bread, then grilled until the cheese melts, and turns a golden brown. Add a poached egg on top will make a Buck Rarebit for an extra treat.

St David’s Flag

St David has his own flag, which is a  black flag with a yellow cross upon it that flies above St David’s cathedral tower.

A Challenging Year

Following a year of many challenges, St David’s day is a day to celebrate what we hold dear, and look forward to a new future. Whilst travel restrictions prevail, social media and websites (Wales.com) will come to the fore with films about stories of people from Wales, its culture, communities and businesses.

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